207 Maratonvagn X-treme micro

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207 Marathon cart X-treme micro. Lightweight Marathon wagon suitable for B-C-D pony

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207 Maratonvagn X-treme micro

Lightweight Marathon wagon suitable for B-C-D pony

En renodlad maratonvagn med bästa köregenskaperna för maraton med stor bra groomplats som passar till B-C-D ponny. Anpassas efter storlek på häst och benmått kusk.


  • Wide shaft (V) frame
  • Disc brakes at the rear
  • Torsion (rubber) spring = separate wheel suspension
  • Aluminum abrasive grip
  • Hydraulic brake in the turret
  • Removable seat
  • Svängel,
  • Shafts
  • etc.

Choose between:

  • Air or hard rubber wheels.

The weight is from 125 kg + links.

The groove width is 125 cm.

207 Marathon cart X-treme micro is available in various designs and can be equipped with:

  • Detachable rear seat
  • Front carriage for couples
  • T-pair pliers
  • Link attachment
  • Extra Ring shafts
  • Extra Gig shafts
  • Work harness links
  • Links with stainless steel ring

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